In Part 2 of Green Shield Floors Versus Wax we take a look at the amount of energy and water required to maintain floor wax and explore the basic costs associated with waxing, stripping and buffing. Cost of Stripping, Waxing and Buffing The cost of stripping and finishing floors varies across North America and is […]

Green Shield Floors Sealer vs Floor Wax Cost Savings Chart

Environmental awareness has become an integral part of the day-to-day processes of many businesses and reducing energy consumption and chemical waste are priorities when it comes to making your business more sustainable. An easy way to cut down on energy use, chemical waste and janitorial costs is to rethink finishing your floors with wax and […]

Green Shield Floors provide floor refinishing solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications in: Health Care: hospitals, senior homes, laboratories, pharmacies Shopping Centers: walk areas, washrooms Vehicle Halls & Repair Facilities: showroom, garage, washrooms Warehouse: food preparation and consumables, dust control, safety lines, office space Bakeries: work area, customer area Wineries & Breweries: showroom, distillery […]


Floor wax is applied on floor surfaces to make it scuff-resistant, water-resistant, slip resistant and glossy. It provides a thin, protective and hard surface layer when applied to flooring. Conventional floor wax has five main ingredients and each one of them has detrimental effects on the environment, not to mention the chemical waste created by […]

A common misconception when it comes to flooring and applying a floor sealer is that “drying time” and “curing time” are the same thing, but in fact these terms describe two different but equally essential processes.  If you’re considering revitalizing the look of your businesses’ floor with a fresh coat of floor sealer, then it’s […]

Natural stone flooring is often chosen for its aesthetic appeal and ability to endure. The hard, durable nature of stone makes it an ideal material for commercial buildings, especially in high traffic areas like lobbies and hallways. By choosing the right type, style, and finish, natural stone can meet the visual and performance objectives of […]

Floor Type: Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) coated with Green Shield Floor Sealer This video demonstrates how easy it is to remove shoe scuff marks using a dry paper towel alone. You won’t ever need to buff or use harsh chemicals to clean your floors again, that means saving you a great deal of time in […]

Vinyl Composite Tile

Offices and commercial spaces often have heavy foot traffic, which is why these businesses should be on the lookout for cost-effective, durable flooring that can withstand anything. There are a number of options available when it comes to flooring that can handle the busy conditions of an office, but price is always a factor, especially […]

Joe Fortes used an epoxy floor coating  in their restrooms for its durability, however with time they realized that it has some major drawbacks. Once the epoxy coating is chipped or cracked  it has to be completely replaced (click on the phjoe fortes testimonialoto above to see details). Removing the epoxy coating is an extremely laborious […]

This commercial kitchen has ceramic tile floors. There was a huge amount of grease buildup which made cleaning difficult and the floors slippery. These conditions were not ideal for working in a commercial kitchen so something had to be done. This kitchen needs to be operational 7 days a week and with only a small […]