Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Preventing slips and falls should be a top priority for any business operator, property manager, or owner. An injury to a worker or customer caused by a slip and fall accident can be extremely costly due to loss business or being held legally liable. Some statistics: In Canada 42,000 workers get injured annually due to […]

NatruClean – 100% Natural, Commercial & Industrial Cleaner

NatruClean – 100% Natural, Commercial & Industrial Cleaner All natural, all-purpose 100% microbial cleaner — the only cleaner you’ll ever need. It’s potent enough for commercial and industrial use yet 100% green, organic, and safe to use. It’s HAZMAT, OSHA, and WHMIS exempt. Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved and 100% made from renewable resources. […]

is1 Impregnating Concrete Sealer

is1™ Impregnating Concrete Sealer is1 Impregnating Concrete Sealer is a premium quality ACRYLIC Copolymer sealer designed to be used as a high performance solution in clear masonry coatings and features a “WET LOOK” appearance. is1 provides a deep penetrating finish to protect new or old concrete, interlocking brick, stone driveways, patios, pool areas, warehouses, garages […]

Flex SuperCoat

Flex SuperCoat™ (AC-50) Flex SuperCoat is a very versatile waterbased, self cross-linking Acrylic Polyester/Aliphatic Urethane coating. It is a high performance topcoat specially formulated to meet the conditions and properties required for plastics, vinyl tile, concrete and wood floor coatings for indoor and outdoor use. Many benefits over wax and epoxy coatings and without any […]

Slip Safe

Slip Safe™ (SR1)- Prevent Slips and Falls Green Shield Floors’ Slip Safe treatment is the fastest and safest way to prevent slips and falls on tile (ceramic, marble, porcelain), concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, glazed brick, and bathtubs. Slip Safe is specifically formulated for hard mineral surfaces making them safer when wet or dry, without damaging […]

UV Coat : UV Sealer Technology No Wax, Antislip, No Downtime

UV Coat™ (Video by scribbleo is 70 seconds) UV Coat™ is an ultraviolet (UV) cured system that is perfect for situations that require little to no downtime. It’s the latest technology in no-wax floor coatings — no need to wax again! Not having to wax greatly reduces the overall environmental impact. This includes saving hundreds […]


Our products are VOC-Compliant and designed for commercial and industrial quality applications, learn more below: UV Coat™ (UV1) — Instantly Cured By UV Light UV COAT is an ultraviolet (UV) cured system that is perfect for situations that require little to no downtime. It’s the latest technology in no-wax floor coatings — no need to […]

Slip Resistant Safety Solution for Vancouver Coastal Health Pool Deck

George Pearson Centre, under the Vancouver Coastal Health, is a home to 100+ adults with disabilities. The people who live there require specialized assistance as a result of disability or a variety of other conditions. The pool in the facility gets used often. Due to the build up of soaps, body oils, and other grease, […]

Coefficient Of Friction

Coefficient Of Friction (COF) Coefficient of friction is defined as the ratio of the force of friction to the force pushing two bodies together and is a measurement often used to determine the nonslip rating of a floor surface. It’s commonly called COF, and calculated not by weight but by force. If you have 0.52 […]

Mondo Rubber Floors Refinished with On-Site UV Sealer at Burnaby Massage

Burnaby Square Orthopaedic & Sports Centre Inc. is a popular physiotherapy facility with Mondo Rubber Flooring. Floors made from rubber have a lot of benefits including cushioned resilience, durability and eco-friendliness. Initially, Burnaby Massage used conventional floor wax, however these floors were not designed to be coated with wax, commonly marketed as ‘no-wax flooring’. Not […]

Concrete Densifier

Concrete densifiers are used to harden the surface of the floor and close up some pores. This process can provide a better shine, reduces dust, and limited stains resistance.

Our Clients

BMO Nesbitt Burns

Green Shield Floors provides non-slip safety solutions and commercial quality no-wax, eco-friendly coatings to organizations of all sizes such as cities, municipalities, banks, community centres, airports, health facilities, restaurants, and small businesses alike. Learn more about our clients below: Vancouver Coastal Health Vancouver Coastal Health is a world-class innovator in medical care, research and teaching. […]

Green Shield UV Floor Sealer versus Wax (Part 1)

Green Shield Floors Sealer vs Floor Wax Cost Savings Chart

Environmental awareness has become an integral part of the day-to-day processes of many businesses and reducing energy consumption and chemical waste are priorities when it comes to making your business more sustainable. An easy way to cut down on energy use, chemical waste and janitorial costs is to rethink finishing your floors with wax and […]

Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Green Shield Floors provide floor refinishing solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications in: Health Care: hospitals, senior homes, laboratories, pharmacies Shopping Centers: walk areas, washrooms Vehicle Halls & Repair Facilities: showroom, garage, washrooms Warehouse: food preparation and consumables, dust control, safety lines, office space Bakeries: work area, customer area Wineries & Breweries: showroom, distillery […]

Drying Time vs Curing Time

A common misconception when it comes to flooring and applying a floor sealer is that “drying time” and “curing time” are the same thing, but in fact these terms describe two different but equally essential processes.  If you’re considering revitalizing the look of your businesses’ floor with a fresh coat of floor sealer, then it’s […]