Natural Stone Flooring 101

Natural stone flooring is often chosen for its aesthetic appeal and ability to endure. The hard, durable nature of stone makes it an ideal material for commercial buildings, especially in high traffic areas like lobbies and hallways. By choosing the right type, style, and finish, natural stone can meet the visual and performance objectives of […]

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring is a popular choice in both residential and commercial as it has an attractive and versatile appearance and is particularly hard wearing. By choosing the right material, glaze, finish, and style, it can be adapted to fit a wide range of environments and serve many different needs. Ceramic Tile Types […]

Floor Finish

Finished Hardwood Floor

If you’re looking into protecting and enhancing your floors, you have probably come across different kinds of floor finish and naturally are wondering what the best options are for you. Floor finish is an essential product when it comes to protecting your floors from dirt, damage and general wear and tear, especially in areas with […]

Easily Remove Scuff Marks

Floor Type: Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) coated with Green Shield Floor Sealer This video demonstrates how easy it is to remove shoe scuff marks using a dry paper towel alone. You won’t ever need to buff or use harsh chemicals to clean your floors again, that means saving you a great deal of time in […]

Vinyl Flooring and Refinishing

Vinyl Composite Tile

Offices and commercial spaces often have heavy foot traffic, which is why these businesses should be on the lookout for cost-effective, durable flooring that can withstand anything. There are a number of options available when it comes to flooring that can handle the busy conditions of an office, but price is always a factor, especially […]


Ultraviolet (UV): Ultraviolet or ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths that are shorter than visible light. Ultraviolet technology is increasingly being used in many industries to do everything from purify drinking water to quickly and efficiently curing floor sealer! Green Shield Floors uses UV machines to cure our floor sealer instantly.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): VOCs are gases that are emitted from some solids and liquids, many of which are chemicals that have negative short and long-term health effects on health. VOCs are found in a wide variety of household cleaners and everyday products like paint, cleaning products, lacquers and paint strippers. According to the EPA […]

Joe Fortes Chooses Green Shield UV Sealer Over Epoxy

Joe Fortes used an epoxy floor coating  in their restrooms for its durability, however with time they realized that it has some major drawbacks. Once the epoxy coating is chipped or cracked  it has to be completely replaced (click on the phjoe fortes testimonialoto above to see details). Removing the epoxy coating is an extremely laborious […]

UV Sealer Revives Ceramic Tile Flooring In Fraser Health Commercial Kitchen

This commercial kitchen has ceramic tile floors. There was a huge amount of grease buildup which made cleaning difficult and the floors slippery. These conditions were not ideal for working in a commercial kitchen so something had to be done. This kitchen needs to be operational 7 days a week and with only a small […]

UV Sealer Revives Vinyl Flooring In Medical Room

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Car Dealerships Can Enhance Ambiance With Eco-Friendly Floor Sealer

A visit to a car dealership is where the connection between manufacturer and potential customer happens. This is the place to make sure that everything is perfectly in order and every element in sight appeals to the senses and, at the very least, is pleasing to look at. A car dealership is a place which […]

Ultra Hygienic Floor Care for Daycare and Preschool

One of the most important steps in reducing the spread of infectious diseases between children and childcare providers is the cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces. Kids love to spend lots of time on the floor. As a daycare owner or pre-school operator you may have observed how the children just naturally take to the floor […]

Eco-Friendly Floor Sealer That’s Essential For Restaurants

Before and After Applying Green Shield UV Floor Sealer In today’s increasingly competitive market place restaurants can’t rely solely on the quality of the food to guarantee their success, you also need to offer an unforgettable dining experience by providing a visual feast as well – and what better way is there to improve your […]

How Clean Is Your Environment?

If You Are Waxing Your Floors, Then You Are Walking Over Bacteria Buildup. If you’re using regular floor wax to shine your floors, chances are you’ve got a breeding place for bacteria beneath your feet. The constant maintenance of waxing and buffing your floors releases toxic airborne particles all around you, especially in high traffic […]