Car Dealerships Can Enhance Ambiance With Eco-Friendly Floor Sealer

A visit to a car dealership is where the connection between manufacturer and potential customer happens. This is the place to make sure that everything is perfectly in order and every element in sight appeals to the senses and, at the very least, is pleasing to look at.

A car dealership is a place which can see quite a lot of activity on a daily basis and cleanliness is of the highest priority. While this is true for every single car dealership across the globe; it is of utmost importance in case of high value car dealerships dealing in expensive or luxury brands. One of the key areas that require maintenance is the flooring. And car makers usually have very specific requirements for their dealers in order to maintain a consistency in their branding.

Floor types:

Most car manufacturers prefer that their dealers use white floor tiles. White is by far the color which requires the most attention. Anything and everything will be clearly visible on a white surface. Furthermore, damage or scratches can significantly affect the finish achieved by flawless white flooring.

Some luxury car brands also require their car dealerships to have wooden flooring. This is not only expensive to install, but also requires maintenance of the highest order.

Floor Sealer Solutions:

Why Green Shield floor sealer is superior to conventional wax – While many car dealerships will opt for floor waxing or buffing procedures; they don’t always deliver the best results and can lead to quite a few complexities. A waxed floor needs periodic maintenance – the buffing and stripping procedures can be time consuming as well as end up releasing toxins in the air. This risk is greater in high traffic areas of the car dealership like the hallways in the office and especially the discussion or consultation areas and floor space around the cars on display. The bacteria build-up over time can lead to respiratory discomfort and over extended periods, even diseases like asthma and reproductive problems. Besides, the amount of wax required for the total area costs a significant amount.

Choosing Green Shield Floor Sealer gives you none of these issues and is beneficial in every imaginable way over conventional floor wax:

  • Green Shield is a coating which enhances the shine and beauty of your flooring.
  • It provides an anti-slip surface which is resistant to scratches and abrasions.
  • The turn around time to complete the job leads to little or no downtime on the work floor.
  • The UV machine used for sealing the floor kills bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odors.
  • Lowers maintenance costs with its stain-repellent finish while not needing any buffing or stripping.
  • Green Shield is environment friendly and reduces your power and water consumption. They are also free from zinc, butyl and other chemical elements.
  • Green Shield is twenty times more durable than conventional wax and together with lower maintenance, it reduces the total cost.

Green Shield Floor Sealer is ideal for car dealerships as it takes care of an important part of the ambience. A clean and shining floor goes a long way towards enhancing and inviting the customer to explore further. Car dealerships can also ask for a free estimate via a toll-free number 1-800-380-6747.