Drying Time vs Curing Time

A common misconception when it comes to flooring and applying a floor sealer is that “drying time” and “curing time” are the same thing, but in fact these terms describe two different but equally essential processes.  If you’re considering revitalizing the look of your businesses’ floor with a fresh coat of floor sealer, then it’s important to learn the difference between the two so you can make the best decision for your space.


Any flooring professional can tell you that drying is a significant part of the coating installation process, but if your floor coating has dried that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ready for use. A “dry” floor simply means that the coating has solidified enough for the installer to walk on it without embedding shoe prints in order to apply the next step in the coating process.

To make sure the floor dries properly the floor professional must ensure that there are no pools of primer sitting on the floor when applied and then wait for the primer to dry completely. For example if primer is applied to substrate (tile, concrete, or stone flooring) with a mop or squeegee at  400-500 sq. ft. per gallon, the installer must wait at least 2-3 hours so that the primer is dry to the touch and not just tacky before walking on the surface and proceeding to the next step.


When used in the flooring industry “cured” simply means that the floor has completely “set” and the floor is ready to use. Curing is the last step in the coating installation process before the floor is ready to withstand foot traffic, spills, scuffs and various types of damage and stress.


If you’re planning on applying a coating to the floor of your business this could mean lost time and revenue, and it’s important to remember a few key things, namely budgeting how much time the entire process will take. Both drying and curing times are performed in controlled environments, so in order to make sure that you’re back in business with shiny new floors as soon as possible, ensure that the space being coated has good air ventilation as well as the proper temperature and humidity in order to replicate the drying and curing times specified by the manufacturer. The flooring professional applying the coating should follow the instructions carefully.

Green Shield Floors Curing Time

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