Eco-Friendly Floor Sealer That’s Essential For Restaurants

Before and After Applying Green Shield UV Floor Sealer

In today’s increasingly competitive market place restaurants can’t rely solely on the quality of the food to guarantee their success, you also need to offer an unforgettable dining experience by providing a visual feast as well – and what better way is there to improve your decor than by modifying your floors?

In order to keep counter tops sparkling and maintain Food Safety standards chefs constantly have to clean every inch of their stations. Many prefer stainless steel in their kitchens because it’s easy to clean, doesn’t stain and repels odors while also appearing shinier, cleaner and more professional – kitchen floors are no exception, and much like stainless steel our floor sealer cuts down on cleaning time, fights bacteria and odor, improves sanitation and makes your kitchen appear impeccable and professional.

Dining areas also need just as much attention as the kitchen, for customers a beautiful eating environment is as important as delicious, high quality food.

Why Go Eco?

These days many diners make conscientious choices regarding the environment, and that could make all the difference when it comes to making a reservation at one restaurant over another. The dining room is the showcase for a restaurant, so if your floor is in need of a makeover and you need it looking like new again quickly you should consider the revolutionary eco-friendly UV floor care from Green Shield Floors.

Green Shield Floors are experts in the installation of permanent floor sealer that will instantly beautify, protect, and lengthen the life of the existing flooring in your restaurant using an advanced UV curing process. Professional Green Shield technicians have been applying this revolutionary UV sealer in medical centers, hospitals, and laboratories for over 8 years with incredible results. The product is formulated from a new polymerization method that produces a remarkable coating that is resistant to scuffs, scratches, abrasions, and chemicals.

Even a day of lost revenue can make a difference for a restaurant, we offer an option that provides little to no downtime to your business. Unlike traditional floor sealing processes like epoxy that render a space unusable until cured and take days to dry, our advanced UV process cures our floor sealer instantly after application, meaning you can be back in business as soon as the very next day. We work to make sure there is no downtime to your business, installing and curing overnight.

What’s Wrong with Wax?

Normal cleaning and waxing of floors is hazardous because of the amount of air borne particles that are released in the cleaning process, especially when wax is stripped. Even air conditioning finds it difficult to filter particles of this type, which if ingested can cause lung problems. Moreover, the harsh chemicals needed for every day cleaning are damaging to the environment and to the cleaning operative, especially in a restaurant where foot traffic is high and kitchen floors need to be kept pristine.

Cleaning can be a huge source of worry and a costly pain in the neck for chefs and restaurateurs. Revenue is often lost daily in restaurants on maintenance and cleaning-related issues like hiring nighttime cleaning staff, food poisoning and harsh cleaning products like ammonia. The benefits of the Green Shield UV sealer become apparent when you consider the ease of maintenance for cleaning, the reduced risk to health and how environmentally friendly it is. Maintenance becomes easy with no stripping, waxing, or buffing required, cutting out a hazardous maintenance process in the bargain.

Will it Work on My Floors?

The sealer comes in two finishes to suit your floor type: Matte or high gloss, whichever your choice our sealer will beautify, renovate and rejuvenate your restaurant floors and give them a new lease of life in a simple and efficient process with no down time. The sealer aids in infection control and the fight against bacteria, which is why it is highly sought-after in places where health matters. Once cured the sealer creates a nonporous surface that blocks bacteria from sticking to or getting underneath your floor, leaving no room for bacteria to grow. Spillages sit on top of the surface making cleaning up easy and fast.

Most floor types are suitable and whatever type of flooring your restaurant has, we can seal it. Concrete, tiles, stone, rubber, terrazzo, hardwood, vinyl, and cork can all be successfully sealed and revitalized to their former glory with a matte or gloss finish.

This revolutionary UV floor sealer brings benefits that every restaurant owner will appreciate, from health and safety and easy maintenance to a stunning appearance. Green Shield Floors is an excellent choice.

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