Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you install new floors?
No. Green Shield Floors supplies and installs eco-friendly floor care solutions, floor finish, and non-slip floor solution to organization of all sizes.
How environmentally friendly are your floor care products?
Green Shield Floors’ products are eco-friendly and exceed standards for Environment Canada safety VOC and LEED VOC levels. Our products are typically non-toxic, has minimal odor (none once cured), and with little to no harmful properties. By reducing the need to buff and strip floors you will drastically reduce your overall energy and water consumption. Not only will using our products be kinder to the environment, but your environment will be more hygienic as well.
How long does your UV floor sealer last before I need to re-coat?
Many variables determine the durability of our UV Floor Sealer such as type of floor, proper cleaning, and foot traffic. In a typical commercial environment Green Shield Floors UV Sealer easily lasts 12 to 18 months from regular foot traffic. In a typical residential environment you’ll get many many years. Green Shield UV sealer can also be double coated to increase durability and can be re-applied multiple times without the need for stripping. It also offers the flexibility of it completely removed.
I have brand new floors, why do I need your floor sealer?
If you have new flooring, NOW is the BEST time to seal and protect them. Since your floors are in mint condition and there should be little to no damage from wear, we’ll help you ensure that it stays that way permanently. With tile floors you’ll often see that the grout lines turn black very quickly and it’s near impossible to restore it to it’s original condition, however you can prevent this by sealing your floors now. In addition, it’s much more cost effective to have your floors finished and protected than it is to inevitably install new flooring. Using our floor sealer with proper care you keep your floors looking new and protected indefinitely.
What types of floors can you refinish, protect and enhance?
We offer line of eco-friendly floor care products that will work on virtually any type of floor such as vinyl (VCT), terrazzo, tile, concrete, natural stone, rubber, hardwood, linoleum, and even no-wax flooring. See floor types for more information. We also have specialized finishes for niche applications such as for vet hospitals, concrete flooring, and hard type stone applications — please contact us to find out more.
How long will it take to install?
We can often complete the process with little to no down time to your operations, which means no lost business.
How much does it cost?
It depends on the size and difficulty of the site such as obstacles and condition of your floors. Think of the resources you spend regularly to burnish, buff and spray buff — what if you never have to do this again? Chances are you are going to be saving a lot of money. You will get a competitive price breakdown and a huge cost savings in maintenance. Contact us or fill out this form and we’ll be happy to visit your facility and provide you a free estimate.
What is the durability of your product?
Once cured our UV floor sealer is hard, yet flexible providing excellent scuff, scratch, and chemical resistance. Watch this video for a quick demonstration.
How slip resistant is it?
Canada Slip Standards and OSHA recommend a walking surface with safety rating 0.5 measured by the coefficient of friction (COF). Green Shield UV Sealer exceeds safety standards with COF 0.6 to 0.8, providing an excellent anti-slip walking surface. We also provide an advanced UV anti-slip sealer that is anti-slip in dry or wet conditions.
What are the different types of sheens or finishes?
Green Shield Floors UV sealer comes in 2 finishes: Matte (.25 to .27 glossmeter) and High Gloss (.88 to .92 glossmeter).
How do I maintain my floors after being refinished?
Your floors will be much easier to clean and you won’t need to use harsh cleaning chemicals. No mechanical buffing is required, so there won’t be any hazardous airborne particles. For more information see our cleaning instructions page.
How safe is your UV Sealer compared to wax?
Green Shield UV Sealer is 100% aliphatic UV waterborne urethane, it has very little odor and no harmful properties. It’s nonporous once cured, which reduces the spread of germs and improves sanitary conditions. Spills and liquids sit on top of the coating making it harder for bacteria to get underneath the floor where they can spread. Unlike wax, Green Shield UV sealer does NOT require stripping, which uses harmful chemicals.
Can you train our in-house employees to install your product?
Yes, we have collaborated with many companies to provide long turn sustainable solutions.
Can your floor sealer be used on carpet?
What other floor solutions do you have besides UV floor sealer?
While UV floor coatings is a very popular, we offer many other solutions which UV isn’t the best fit, such as VOC compliant impregnating floor sealers, 100% natural cleaner & degreaser, and other specialized non-slip floor treatments. To find out more contact us.