Slip Safe Cleaning Instructions


Slip Safe (SR1) is designed to be easy to maintain.

Required Equipment

1 – 18” to 24” Floor Dust Mop
2 – Wringer Mop’s
2 – 5 to 10 Gallon Wringer Buckets

Frequency is the key to all floor maintenance. If the initial maintenance is done correctly the floor surface will be clean and slip resistant and will always make it much easier to maintain a new floor look for many years.

Follow this easy 5 step process:

Step 1: Sweep all areas thoroughly with dust mop or appropriate broom.

Step 2: Fill one bucket with clean HOT water and an appropriate amount of Cleaner/Degreaser. (We recommend GSF 100% Natural Cleaner / Degreaser)

Note: Read dilution ratio carefully. Too much will leave a residue and too little will not effectively eliminate the grease and dirt. 2nd bucket with just clean HOT water. (This is strictly for rinsing)

Step 3: Mop areas with the cleaner/degreaser bucket, starting from one end and working
your way back. Wring out mop thoroughly and often in the cleaner/degreaser bucket. Continue mopping area until surface is clean and free of dirt and or grease.

Step 4: After area has been cleaned/degreased, proceed to rinse with the clean HOT
water bucket and a fresh mop. Wet mop area, wringing out the mop thoroughly each time. You do not want the mop dripping wet. This rinse process leaves the surface residue free.

Step 5: Dispose of remaining dirty water from each bucket and rinse mops and buckets out with HOT water. Repeat the mop rinsing process each time you clean the floor surface.

Green Shield Floors Inspections & Follow Ups

To ensure peak performance of GSF Slip Resistant Sealer, Green Shield Floors highly recommends regular scheduled inspections at the following intervals:

3 months.
6 months.
1 year.

Learn more about Slip Safe.

About GSF 100% Natural Cleaner and Degreaser

The natural ingredients in GSF 100% Natural Cleaner & Degreaser penetrate pores and cracks and use microbial action to eliminate organic debris. When mop water from GSF 100% Natural Cleaner & Degreaser floor cleaning is poured down the drain, its natural ingredients are beneficial to the environment as the decomposing microbes will continue reduction of contaminants removed from the floor.