How Clean Is Your Environment?

If You Are Waxing Your Floors, Then You Are Walking Over Bacteria Buildup.

If you’re using regular floor wax to shine your floors, chances are you’ve got a breeding place for bacteria beneath your feet. The constant maintenance of waxing and buffing your floors releases toxic airborne particles all around you, especially in high traffic areas like hallways, medical offices, restrooms, and retail stores — just to name a few. While this may not appear to be an issue to the naked eye, long term  exposure to these toxins has been linked to asthma, reproductive problems, and even cancer. Fortunately, your customers no longer have to deal with this growing problem — Green Shield Floors non-porous floor coating is a great new way to seal your floors, and eliminate the environmental dangers caused by buffing, waxing and stripping. Our floor coating allows you to protect and enhance the appearance of your floor, while minimizing health hazards with the use of eco-friendly materials.

Whether you’re in the United States or Canada, Green Shield Floors is available to provide you with the latest in beautiful, eco-friendly, wax alternative. This environmentally friendly floor sealer not only saves many from the dreadful bacteria living and breeding in waxed floors, but it also saves you money. The average stripping and waxing of a high traffic area uses nine gallons of conventional floor care products for only 1,000 square feet! When considering the size of most facilities, the amount of products being used to maintain a regular waxed floor is outrageous — and also fails to protect you from germs and toxins. This is not to mention the tons of water needed to mix with these chemicals.

Other Benefits You’ll Gain With Our Floor Sealer

Our slip resistant coating produces a great shine every time. It’s up to 20 times more durable than floor wax so it’s great for use in high traffic areas of even the most walked on floors. It continues to keep its shine, long after it’s completed — staying free of scratches, scuffs and abrasions. Eliminate the need for any buffing. Our green floor coating leaves the chemicals which go along with stripping and waxing behind, replacing them with environment friendly products that leave no lingering smell and requires no long wait periods for it to cure.

At Green Shield Floors, we stand behind our products, and promise a bacteria free way to maintain great floors that are free of zinc, butyl and other chemical elements. Your clients will be breathing easy, and amazed at how great your facility looks. There’s no downtime to your operations, so get your floors done now!

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