Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Green Shield Floors provide floor refinishing solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications in:

  1. Health Care: hospitals, senior homes, laboratories, pharmacies
  2. Shopping Centers: walk areas, washrooms
  3. Vehicle Halls & Repair Facilities: showroom, garage, washrooms
  4. Warehouse: food preparation and consumables, dust control, safety lines, office space
  5. Bakeries: work area, customer area
  6. Wineries & Breweries: showroom, distillery area, bottling area
  7. Slaughterhouses & Abattoirs: work areas, hallways
  8. Auto Insurance Claim Centers: work area, car area, windshield area, office area
  9. Big Box Stores: retail areas, warehouse areas, wet areas
  10. Large Scale Industries: metal, plastic, recycling, paper
  11. Animal: hospital, kennels
  12. Office Buildings: walkways, staircases, washrooms, lobby
  13. Restaurants: dining area, kitchen, washrooms
  14. Armed Forces: barracks, kitchen, mess hall, training rooms, offices
  15. Municipalities: all levels and areas
  16. Aquatic Centers: pool area, change rooms, entry and walkways
  17. Schools & Universities:  walkways, offices, classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias
  18. Fitness Facilities: washrooms, gymnasium, walkways
  19. Places of Worship: churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, cathedrals