Joe Fortes Chooses Green Shield UV Sealer Over Epoxy


Joe Fortes used an epoxy floor coating  in their restrooms for its durability, however with time they realized that it has some major drawbacks. Once the epoxy coating is chipped or cracked  it has to be completely replaced (click on the phjoe fortes testimonialoto above to see details). Removing the epoxy coating is an extremely laborious process and took 6 of their workers several days to accomplish. An epoxy coating can also lose its shine quickly when installed in an area with heavy foot traffic.

Green Shield UV Sealer is an excellent alternative to epoxy, it’s more durable and additional coatings can be added later without removing the entire floor sealer. The sealer aesthetically enhances the look of the natural stone by adding a flawless glossy finish to the floor (click on the gallery to see the difference). Cleaning the floors is easy, simply:

  1. wet mop with neutral cleaner or disinfectant  solution
  2. wet mop with warm water

Other benefits of our sealer include eliminating undesirable odors and being very environmentally friendly. Visit Joe Fortes website.

Here’s what our clients had to say:
“Green Shield Floors has used their environmentally sound product to seal our bathroom floors here at Joe Fortes,

We have been quite happy with the results and it shows as our guests have been telling us how much better our floors look.”

– Chad Mckenzie
Assistant General Manager
Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

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