NatruClean – 100% Natural, Commercial & Industrial Cleaner

natruclean_bottle_200 All natural, all-purpose 100% microbial cleaner — the only cleaner you’ll ever need. It’s potent enough for commercial and industrial use yet 100% green, organic, and safe to use.

It’s HAZMAT, OSHA, and WHMIS exempt. Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved and 100% made from renewable resources.


Safe to Use

  • Non-irritating to the skin, hypoallergenic and leaves skin soft and moist.
  • Completely Biodegradable, non-toxic, pH neutral and VOC free
  • Reduces slippery floor conditions
  • Will not harm humans, animals or the environment

All-In-One Cleaner

  • Replaces all chemical cleaners including acids and other harsh chemicals
  • Simple to use, easy to train staff
  • No need for scented deodorizers
  • Use on any surface
  • Spot clean stains, simultaneously clean grout lines, and no ‘smelly mop floor’ odor
  • Mop or machine floor cleaning, non-foaming, non-abrasive, quick drying

Save Time, Money, and Space

  • Inventory one product, no need to track and reorder multiple cleaning products.
  • Reduce electrical costs, you can use cool tap water.
  • Does not harm floor finish, your floor finish lasts longer.
  • Eliminates odors and clean grout lines simultaneously on and below the surface and continues working even after the surface has been cleaned.
  • Increase employee moral by using a safe product that is really easy to handle.

How It Works

The natural ingredients penetrate pores and cracks and use microbial action to eliminate organic debris. When mop water from our cleaner is poured down the drain, its natural ingredients are beneficial to the environment as the decomposing microbes will continue reduction of contaminants removed from the floor.

Our cleaner’s patented technology simplifies the cleaning process and allows for the continued use of the product for multiple applications, thereby saving customers time and money. NatruClean is a non-foaming, nonabrasive, pH neutral, all purpose cleaning agent that will not: deteriorate floor finish; leave mop or applicator marks; contaminate mop heads; and it requires no rinsing. It contains a natural surfactant and microbial component that effectively removes organic materials such as protein, starch cellulose, detergents, hydrocarbons, fats, natural greases and oils, plus ordinary dirt and grime.

In conjunction to surface cleaning, a secondary cleaning action is accomplished when the microbes penetrate tile cracks and grout pores to digest organic matter that has been ground into these cracks and pores which are unattractive and can cause obnoxious odors.

NatruClean may be used in mop buckets, spray bottles and auto scrubbers for specialized cleaning and degreasing of all surfaces including floors, concrete, brick, walls and counter tops. NatruClean is also a degreaser that quickly penetrates through tough grease, grime, mildew, smoke stains and dirt for a residue free finish, and will not harm painted surfaces or waxed floors.