Our products are VOC-Compliant and designed for commercial and industrial quality applications, learn more below:

  • UV Coat™ (UV1) — Instantly Cured By UV Light

    uv_coat_bottle_200UV COAT is an ultraviolet (UV) cured system that is perfect for situations that require little to no downtime. It’s the latest technology in no-wax floor coatings — no need to wax, buff, and strip again!

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  • Slip Safe™ (SR1) – Prevent Slips and Falls


    Green Shield Floors’ Slip Safe treatment is the fastest and safest way to prevent slips and falls on tile (ceramic, marble, porcelain), concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, glazed brick, and bathtubs.

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  • Flex SuperCoat™ (AC50) – High Performance Versatile Coating

    Flex-SuperCoat Flex SuperCoat is a very versatile waterbased, self cross-linking Acrylic Polyester/Aliphatic Urethane coating.

    It is a high performance topcoat specially formulated to meet the conditions and properties required for plastics, vinyl tile, concrete and wood floor coatings for indoor and outdoor use. Many benefits over wax and epoxy coatings and without any of it’s downside.

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  • is1™ Impregnating Concrete Sealer


    is1™ Impregnating Concrete Sealer is a premium quality ACRYLIC Copolymer sealer designed to be used as a high performance solution in clear masonry coatings and features a “WET LOOK” appearance.

    is1™ provides a deep penetrating finish to protect new or old concrete, interlocking brick, stone driveways, patios, pool areas, warehouses and more.

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  • NatruClean™ — High Performance 100% Natural Cleaner

    natruclean_bottle_200 This is the only all-purpose cleaner you’ll ever need! It’s potent enough for commercial and industrial use yet 100% green and organic. This is the go-to cleaner for most of our commercial projects. It’s HAZMAT, OSHA, and WHMIS exempt. Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved and 100% made from renewable resources.

    The natural ingredients penetrate pores and cracks and use microbial action to eliminate organic debris. When mop water from our cleaner is poured down the drain, its natural ingredients are beneficial to the environment as the decomposing microbes will continue reduction of contaminants removed from the floor.

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