Floor Finish

Finished Hardwood Floor

If you’re looking into protecting and enhancing your floors, you have probably come across different kinds of floor finish and naturally are wondering what the best options are for you. Floor finish is an essential product when it comes to protecting your floors from dirt, damage and general wear and tear, especially in areas with […]

Waterborne Urethane

Waterborne Urethane: Waterborne urethanes serve the same function as solventborne polyurethanes in floor coatings, but with the advantage of creating less VOCs.

Floor Wax

Floor Wax is a wax-based preparation used to finish and polish floors. It is meant to increase hardness and glossiness in flooring and create resistance against slips and scuff marks and includes ingredients like polymer emulsions, urethane and resins to achieve this. There are some major considerations to take into account for any business owner […]

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating

If you’re looking into ways to coat and protect your floor, you’ve probably come across epoxy or epoxy floor coating. Epoxy is also known as polyepoxide and is a glass-like, high-shine application that makes floors glossy, often laid over terrazzo, chip and colored aggregate flooring. Thickness depends on how many coats are applied and depending […]