Mondo Rubber Floors Refinished with On-Site UV Sealer at Burnaby Massage

Burnaby Square Orthopaedic & Sports Centre Inc. is a popular physiotherapy facility with Mondo Rubber Flooring. Floors made from rubber have a lot of benefits including cushioned resilience, durability and eco-friendliness. Initially, Burnaby Massage used conventional floor wax, however these floors were not designed to be coated with wax, commonly marketed as ‘no-wax flooring’. Not […]

Drying Time vs Curing Time

A common misconception when it comes to flooring and applying a floor sealer is that “drying time” and “curing time” are the same thing, but in fact these terms describe two different but equally essential processes.  If you’re considering revitalizing the look of your businesses’ floor with a fresh coat of floor sealer, then it’s […]

Vinyl Flooring and Refinishing

Vinyl Composite Tile

Offices and commercial spaces often have heavy foot traffic, which is why these businesses should be on the lookout for cost-effective, durable flooring that can withstand anything. There are a number of options available when it comes to flooring that can handle the busy conditions of an office, but price is always a factor, especially […]