Flex SuperCoat

Flex SuperCoat™ (AC-50) Flex SuperCoat is a very versatile waterbased, self cross-linking Acrylic Polyester/Aliphatic Urethane coating. It is a high performance topcoat specially formulated to meet the conditions and properties required for plastics, vinyl tile, concrete and wood floor coatings for indoor and outdoor use. Many benefits over wax and epoxy coatings and without any […]

UV Coat : UV Sealer Technology No Wax, Antislip, No Downtime

UV Coat™ (Video by scribbleo is 70 seconds) UV Coat™ is an ultraviolet (UV) cured system that is perfect for situations that require little to no downtime. It’s the latest technology in no-wax floor coatings — no need to wax again! Not having to wax greatly reduces the overall environmental impact. This includes saving hundreds […]