Ultra Hygienic Floor Care for Daycare and Preschool

Children lying on the floors and drawing with crayonsOne of the most important steps in reducing the spread of infectious diseases between children and childcare providers is the cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces.

Kids love to spend lots of time on the floor. As a daycare owner or pre-school operator you may have observed how the children just naturally take to the floor and stay there to play, to socialize and learn from each other and to rest. For the children nothing is as easy, as spontaneous, as stimulating and as liberating as being able to enjoy themselves where they are. But for you, this raises a number of concerns and challenges. You must be able to keep the floors of your daycare or pre-school facility in tip-top shape: well-maintained and sparklingly clean.

Even without children to think about, cleaning the floors of your facility is of paramount importance. Regular floor scrubs, mopping, waxing and buffing are the common solutions to keeping floors clean. But these traditional cleaning and maintenance solutions may actually be causing more harm than good. In a report, the Labour Environmental Alliance Society (Canada) revealed that many commercially-available floor cleaning products contain ingredients that can lead to serious health conditions, especially with continuous exposure. These substances have been linked to liver and kidney damage, cancer, severe allergic reactions and disruption of hormonal processes. The report also mentioned that of the more than 75,000 chemicals used in the cleaning industry, barely 10 percent have been fully tested for their effects on health and the environment.

Be Environmentally Responsible.

Green Choices, a group that studies the environmental effects of consumer products and informs consumers about green alternatives, has raised concerns about the negative effects cleaning products and their packaging have on the environment. These substances, they claim, are mostly untested, take a long time to degrade into harmless materials and end up polluting our streams and rivers. According to the Environmental Protection Agency a high-traffic area of around 10,000 square feet uses around 90 gallons of conventional floor care products, 18 gallons of which is hazardous materials.

So how can you continue to provide a secure, stimulating environment for children in your daycare or pre-school, while at the same time eliminating their exposure to potentially harmful substances that also exact a toll on our fragile ecosystem? Green Shield Floors has the solution for you.

Meet A Higher Standard, Set Yourself Apart From the Competition.

Green Shield Floors UV coating system is used in hospital operating rooms and medical centers, it replaces traditional stripping, waxing and buffing. We offer from a matte to a high gloss finish, is extremely durable and can be completely removed at any time. Most importantly, it is a green product, free of the toxic substances such as zinc found in waxes and butyl in chemical strippers. Green Shield Floors also do not require the enormous amount of water needed by traditional stripping, waxing and buffing, allowing you to realize savings in this area, as well.

With Green Shield Floors, you also do not need to halt your business operations; the application process is quick and easy. The resulting glossy coat gives your floors that clean, shiny look and eliminates unpleasant floor odors. You can enjoy significant savings since you never have to wax and buff again. Green Shield Floor coating is up to 20 times more durable than wax. Find out how your facility can realize the immediate benefits, give us a call now.

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