UV Sealer Revives Ceramic Tile Flooring In Fraser Health Commercial Kitchen

This commercial kitchen has ceramic tile floors. There was a huge amount of grease buildup which made cleaning difficult and the floors slippery. These conditions were not ideal for working in a commercial kitchen so something had to be done. This kitchen needs to be operational 7 days a week and with only a small amount of time using floor wax or epoxy would take too long to dry. Replacing the floors was out of the question.

Fortunately, our UV Coat system is perfectly suited for this situation. It would seal their floors with an anti-slip coating, and it can be installed with little to no downtime to their operations. We degreased and cleaned the ceramic tile floors with our advanced degreaser, then sealed it with our UV Coat system. We used our UV machine to instantly cure the coating and returned the kitchen back to use before the staff started their morning shift.

Our UV Coat protects both the ceramic tiles (even the cracked ones) and grout, providing it a nonporous surface which makes the floor much easier to clean and prevents water from getting under the tiles. The ceramic tiles were aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, with daily cleaning with our degreaser, promoted a more hygienic and safer nonslip environment.

“I’m very happy with the results!” — Facilities Manager, Fraser Health Authority.


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