UV Coat™

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uv_coat_bottle_200 UV Coat™ is an ultraviolet (UV) cured system that is perfect for situations that require little to no downtime. It’s the latest technology in no-wax floor coatings — no need to wax again!

Not having to wax greatly reduces the overall environmental impact. This includes saving hundreds of gallons of fresh water, eliminating the need to use chemical wax strippers, and saves energy from not having to do mechanical buffing.

Green Shield Floors’ UV Coat system is well suited for many types of flooring such as vinyl (sheet, luxury, VCT), ceramic tile, terrazzo, natural stone (marble, slate), hardwood, engineered wood, concrete, rubber, linoleum, marmolem, PVC, and bamboo.


  • Little or NO Downtime – Fast turn around, no lost time to your operations and return to use the very next day.
  • Improved Safety – Anti-slip surface, exceeds OSHA and Canadian safety standards.
  • Microbial and Infection Control – Eliminates unpleasant odors and reduces bacteria growth.  Greatly reduces dust and improves indoor air quality.
  • Low Maintenance – No waxing, buffing, or stripping required. Easy to clean, repels marks and stains.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Meets or exceeds Environment Canada and LEED® VOC limits. Reduces your energy and water consumption.
  • Beautifies Floors – Brings even new floors to LIFE! Never need to clean grout again.
  • Ultra Durable, Reduced Total Cost – Reduces maintenance costs by as much as 50% and up to 20 times more durable than wax.

By adapting the UV Coat system, you’ll save money on floor maintenance costs, have a cleaner environment, and greatly reduce your organizations environmental footprint.

Used by hospitals, medical and dental clinics, groceries, sports facilities, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, retail and more. See a list of organizations using our products.

Examples of UV Coat Applications

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Ceramic Tile Flooring in a Commercial Kitchen (See gallery)
Before And After Sealing

Marble Flooring Entrance (See gallery)

Vinyl Flooring in a Medical Room (See gallery)
Medical Room at Fraser Health (Before | After)

Mondo Rubber Flooring in a Sports Center (See Gallery)

Natural Stone Tile Flooring in a Commercial Office