Green Shield Floors Warranty

Green Shield Floors Warranty Seal

We guarantee our finish will adhere to your floor.

At the opening of service:

  • We will examine your floors and put in writing any unusual issues or problem areas that exist.
  • We will explain in writing solutions to these particular problems.
  • We will provide an updated Quote if any additional services are required or suggested.

At the time of closing out the service:

  • After examining floors, if you are not 100% satisfied we immediately address those issues or problem areas and resolve the problem.
  • If we cannot satisfy you, you will not have to pay for that area or service until resolved.
  • Signing the invoice acknowledges that you are satisfied with the service.

After that:

Any further issues are covered under our warranty below.

Our Warranty

What does this warranty cover?
Our finish will not peel, crack, chip or yellow for twelve (12) months (or as specified on contract).

What does this warranty not cover?
The warranty does not cover scratches to the finish from furniture or animals, smudges or smears, or dulling from use, abuse or any chemical cleaning, moving of large equipment and damage made by animal products and by-products.

What will we do to correct the problems?
If your finish should peel, crack, chip or yellow within twelve (12) months of refinishing, Green Shield Floors will refinish the area affected at no cost to you.

What will we not do?
Green Shield Floors will not cover the cost for alternative means of refinishing the affected area.

How do you get service?
For warranty coverage, please contact the independently owned and operated Green Shield Floors business that serviced your floors. If you need help coordinating your service, please call the customer helpline at (800) 380-6747. The independent franchisee is responsible for this warranty, and not the franchisor.

What must you do to keep the warranty in effect?
Proper maintenance and care of your floor. Following the instructions on Care Card provided after service and found on the back of the warranty will insure your warranty remains valid.

How does Provincial law relate to this warranty?
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from Province to Province.

The warranty is non-transferable.

Care Instructions

Cleaning Instructions for Green Shield UV Floors:
The Green Shield UV Floor Sealer is designed to be easy to maintain, please follow these steps:

  1. Wet mop with neutral cleaner or disinfectant solution.
  2. Wet mop with warm water after to ensure no detergent or disinfectant residue is left on the floor.

* Failure to wet mop with warm water after cleaning and disinfecting could leave a residue, which when wet could result in a slippery surface.

For auto scrubbing:

  1. Dust mop floor prior to auto scrubbing.
  2. Use only neutral cleaner or disinfectant solution.
  3. Auto scrub with white floor pads only.
  4. After completion of auto scrubbing, mop all floor areas missed by auto scrubber.
  5. Mop up all remaining water and puddles.

*Daily cleaning is optimal for best results.

Do not wax, strip or buff any Green Shield UV surface. Green Shield UV Floors is designed to be a eco-friendly floor sealer, and does not require the use of any solvents or hard chemicals for cleaning.

Please follow these simple cleaning instructions to ensure that your Green Shield UV Floor Sealer will perform at optimal levels. This will also ensure maximum life for your Green Shield UV Floor sealer.

Never use the following:
Oil soaps, waxes, lemon products, ammonia. All of these products can damage your finish. Use a neutral cleaner or disinfectant solution only, which will remove the dirt safely without harming the finish. If you are not certain about your type of cleaner, please contact Green Shield Floors.

Use floor protectors!
All finishes will scratch! A scratch removes the finish from the floor, and eventually will result in a duller look. All furniture legs need felt protectors, unless they come with a factory installed covering. Use area rugs to protect high traffic areas.