Wood Flooring Options and Wood Finishing

If you are upgrading your office space, you need to consider the various wood floor finish options that are available and how to maintain your flooring of choice to ensure that the atmosphere of your business continues to appear comfortable, beautiful and welcoming to your clients and employees.

Modern Office with Wood Floors

Wood Flooring Options

The words ‘wood flooring’ immediately bring to mind the image of genuine hardwood made from planks. Often these wooden floor boards are covered up by carpets, but nowadays with wooden floors back in fashion, it is the perfect time give your office a brand new new look by ripping out those old, outdated carpets and giving the original wooden floors a bit of TLC and a new coat of floor finish.

In addition to traditional hardwood flooring there is also laminate flooring, a type of synthetic wood where multiple layers are fused together through a lamination process. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laminate_flooring). Other wood floor finish options include cork, oak, bamboo, ash, and walnut among others.

Pros of Wood

Wood is extremely versatile and long-lasting with most hardwood flooring withstanding years of use. It is easy to clean, as well being a great insulator, making it perfect for an office. It is much warmer in winter than tiles and cooler in summer than carpeting, therefore keeping your employees comfortable all year through. Wood can be costly if it is solid hardwood, however, laminate is a relatively affordable option that can add an element of sophistication to a space. People choose wooden flooring because it is natural, beautiful, stylish and most of all timeless. Another factor to consider when looking at the pros of wood flooring is durability. Wood is extremely durable, including the laminate flooring which is more resistant to wear and tear, scratches, and moisture. Hardwood floors are easy to sand, repair and polish, so either of these options are excellent choices for offices, building entrances, and certain types of stores.

Cons of Wood

As mentioned above, wood flooring can seem expensive compared to ceramic tiles. Wood requires more maintenance than tiles or carpeting, for example the use of special floor cleaners are necessary to keep wood flooring in great condition. Laminate flooring requires a specific nonalcoholic floor cleaner made with special non-harmful chemicals to avoid damaging the floor. Some types of lower end laminate floor finishes can look artificial, spoiling the aesthetic of your space, so you must be careful when choosing the type of floor finish to place on top of laminate flooring. Hardwood scratches easily and can also be susceptible to water damage, as well as aging in appearance with general wear and tear, making laminate a more suitable option for offices and areas prone to heavy foot traffic. However, laminate flooring cannot be easily repaired once it’s damaged, usually requiring complete replacement of the damaged sections.

Wood Floor Finish and Maintenance

When creating a professional, designer space for your business consider your floor part of the décor and design so you can integrate it into the overall aesthetic of the space. A fresh coat of floor finish on wood can also be utilized to give any office a completely new look if you don’t want to renovate complete. For instance, wood stain can be used effectively to either darken or lighten floors to match in with a particular style. You can also use sealers, waxes, polish, varnish, and other oil based solutions to give the wooden floors a great shine.

Wood Floor

So, now that you have a better idea about the various wood floor options available and how to look after them, you can go about giving your business a floor face lift!